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Your evening wedding is reception makes 1/3rd of your wedding day

Don’t pick the wrong wedding DJ ending your day the wrong way

Choosing the right wedding DJ can end you special day on a high.

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Talking of ‘special’…

You’ve spent hours agonising over the dress, cars, venue, caterers and photographers.  Don’t ruin your day by not taking as much care over choosing the right wedding DJ.  After all, you’re only planning to have one wedding!

Picking a budget DJ could leave you with the DJ cancelling on you just before you wedding – or even worse not turning up.  In fact, a cheesy budget DJ could be even worse than one not turning up at all!

Introducing Freestyle Entertainment

Berkshire Wedding DJ

Gavin Harris

NOT your typical cheesy wedding DJ

Far from it. I’m Gavin Harris – a vastly experienced specialist Wedding DJ in Berkshire. I’m also a bar DJ, and I cover Hampshire and Surrey too.

When you book me, you get total professionalism along with all the floor-fillers to dance away to.  That means NONE of the above problems experienced with a budget DJ.

With a pre-wedding consultation, I’ll make sure that everything is completely planned to your exact requirements.

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Take control

And get the end to your wedding day you’ve dreamt of

Don’t take a risk; this is the biggest day of your life, and the evening reception makes about a third of your whole wedding day. Instead, contact me today, and then enjoy all of the following:

  • A full pre-event consultation, meet with me in person to go through all of your requirements
  • An online planning system add the songs you want to hear, and don’t want to hear
  • All the evening’s key timings planned, for: the first dance (with a stunning light setting for you first dance, so that your photographer can get an amazing photo), cutting of the cake, buffet, father/daughter (or maybe father/son?) dance, any other requests …
  • Peace of mind: you won’t get me cancelling on you just before your wedding day (it’s scary how often I hear of budget DJs doing this). I’ll arrive on time, set up and ready to go. And you will get me on the evening. Freestyle Entertainment is not a DJ agency. And I’m not an after thought as part of an ‘overall wedding package’. I have the paperwork that venues request, including PAT tested equipment and Public Liability Insurance.

And, crucially:

  • An amazing sound, from top quality equipment that is less likely to break down than a budget DJ’s system

For you, all this means:

  1. Stress-free, hassle-free organising of your evening wedding reception in the run up to your special day
  2. A memorable evening had by your guests –  Once the formalities are over – you, your spouse, and your wedding guests can let your hair down and dance the night away, with me taking full control of the the evening’s entertainment, from beginning to end
  3. Your guests raving about it for years to come

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Oh, and don’t forget …

‘Do you really want an evening of cheesy music?’

Budget DJs seem to rely on a full smorgasboard of cheesy music (do you really want to be sat on the dancefloor in your white dress)? But I know that an element of cheese is expected. But you mean an occasional sprinkling, right? Don’t worry. I’ll check with you exactly how much (or little) cheese you want.

WARNING: My diary is nearly full!

I also DJ at top bars, such as Lloyds No.1 and Yates, and I’m on air on 107 JACK fm Berkshire. That means my diary fills up quickly, so, if you’re looking for the right wedding DJ in Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey; rather than the cheapest, don’t delay;

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(before another wedding couple gets there first!)