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15 Jan

Do you have to feed the photographer and DJ at your wedding?

Quite regularly, on various wedding related Facebook groups, the question is asked ‘do I need to feed my photographer at my wedding’.  The quick and easy answer is ‘check your contract’ and ‘ask your photographer’. However, there are often replies such as ‘I don’t get fed at work, why should I be feeding my suppliers’. […]

24 Nov

The Wedding Tax

Mention the word ‘wedding’ and the price increases.  Or so it seems! Why is it, that weddings just seem so expensive?  Does the word Wedding mean suppliers can increase their fees? First, let me explain why it’s not possible for a wedding supplier to just increase their prices when the word wedding is mentioned.  The […]

19 Nov

Can I Watch A DJ Before Booking?

When you book a venue, you take a look around the venue and view the rooms all decorated for a wedding. When you book a photographer, you look through their previous photos. When you book a florist, you take a look at some sample arranged flowers. So when you book a DJ, how do you […]

28 Jun

When Should You Have Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers can be a great way to create amazing photos at your wedding. And they’re really versatile for your photo opportunity: You can write words or letters with the sparkler (photographer uses a slow exposure to capture this) You can run through a tunnel of sparklers You can paint light around you using the sparklers […]

7 Apr

Give Your Guests Dancing Shoes!

Now, I’m not a massive fan of all of the little extras that can overwhelm the planning of a wedding, and actually mean that you miss out on some the important aspects of your wedding. For example, favours. The majority of your guests actually aren’t that interested in your favours. It won’t make or break […]

30 Mar

How Are You Ending Your Wedding?

You may think that you’ve got every aspect of your wedding covered. You’ve thought about the flowers, the decorations, you’ve put together all of the different favours for your guests, and you’ve even arranged transport for them. But have you thought about how your wedding is going to end? I’m probably am the first person […]

13 Mar

Win Your Wedding!

It’s a tempting headline isn’t it – winning your wedding! For some couples, it’s fair to say that winning a wedding would be a dream come true for them, enabling them to have a wedding that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. However, if you’re currently planning your wedding, and considering entering any […]

6 Mar

Can The Whole Family Dance?

When planning your music for your wedding, don’t forget to consider the whole family. It can be really tempting to request just “up to date music” because you’re not too keen on anything before 2000.  However, consider the impact this can have on all of your guests. Whilst you’ve likely got lots of friends of your […]

28 Feb

The Mirror Ball

The Mirror Ball is an effect that was best known for its use in the 70s and 80s, particularly in Saturday Night Fever.  It’s also known as a “Disco Ball” or “Glitter Ball”. In the 90s and 00s, it was seen as a bit “cheesy” and “dated”, but it’s made a comeback!  The humble mirror […]